Dear John Design is a highly creative graphic design consultancy based in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, dedicate to providing quality design solutions for both print and screen. Dear John specialises in creating accessible and understandable design without compromising on visual impact.

Dear John Design does not spout pretentious jargon, just friendly, down-to-earth advice and direction for your designs needs, and through 8 years of experience, can help you realise a product that will achieve successful results with your intended audience.

Dear John specialises in creating high quality design solutions for both Print and Screen. With a passion for good design and believes in quality and care in what I do.

Dear John believes that good design should clear, easy to understand and immediately recognisable. I understand that each client is different and believe that good design is product of building relationships and collaboration with clients.

  • To create high quality creative, clear and understandable design across a range of media.
  • To work collaboratively with clients to understand their needs, restrictions and audience to provide advice and guidance to identify the best solution possible.
  • To create design solution which are accessible to all.

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