Terms and Conditions

1. The Brief

Before we can provide an accurate quote, a detailed brief is required. This brief will be the document to refer back to, for both parties, throughout the project. If you are not familiar with providing a brief, then you can contact us to discuss your design needs and then fill out our supplied template.

Please be aware that we might request that you fill out our briefing template if we do not feel there is enough detail in the brief you provide.

2. Schedules and Timeline

You must make us aware in the original brief of any deadlines that must be adhered to. If there is no prescribed deadline, then we will agree an appropriate schedule with you before we start art-working.

Where projects run over the agreed schedule you will not be charged extra, unless it is deemed that the over-run is the clients fault, such as excessive alterations to content or changes to the original brief.

3. The Estimate

All work will be quoted based on its complexity and size. Quotes will be clearly itemised so that you know exactly where your money is going. Time is charged at a standard hourly rate, which will be detailed on the quote.

Any additional costs, such as commissioning photography, purchasing of domain names etc will also be clearly itemised as part of the quote.

In addition to the quote we may also provide you with a statement of intent document detailing how we understand the vision, and the approach we plan to undertake. This may include suggestions such as commissioning original photography or details of the final print production. Quotes are valid for 30 days.

When additional costs occur after the original estimate, i.e. purchasing new fonts as part of the design developme nt, you will be consulted and provided with additional quotes for your approval.

4. Before We Begin

Once you are happy with your quote and our statement of intent we require written permission to begin work. This can be in the form of an email or a letter, but must be in writing. Once we have received this, we will send you an invoice for the initial payment for 50% of the total quote.

It is important that if you have any worries, queries or wish to change anything about your original brief that you do this before you send written permission to begin work. Any alterations after this point may require additional fees.

5. Proofing

A printed, or digital proof will be supplied for you to check the direction of the project. In most cases this will be the entire document. However if the print job is quite large, or is a website, the content may be placeholder. This is because altering large volumes of content can be quite time consuming, and depending on requested amendments may put the job behind schedule. In these cases subsequent proofs may be provided.

Amendments requested after seeing the first proof will be made as long as we feel they are reasonable and still fall within the original vision, as detailed in the briefing document. This work will be completed as part of the original quote at no extra cost, and further digital proofs will be provided free of charge.

If the amendments requested are deemed to be in contrast to the briefing document, we will discuss these issues with you, then the resulting additional work may be charged at the standard hourly rate as detailed in the original quote, and additional printed proofs may be charged at a cost of £25.

6. Final Proof and Sign-off

Once we are satisfied we have completed your amendments, you will be provided with a final printed or digital proof to sign-off. Once we have received your final sign-off you will be provided with either digital files, or final production prints.

At this point you will also receive an invoice for the balance of the invoice. You will have 14 days to process this final invoice.

Once we have received final sign-off we will consider our side of the contract to have been fulfilled, and any additional work will be charged at our standard rates, and will be quoted separately.

7. Payment

In most cases we will require 50% of the total quote paid in advance before we start work on the project. Depending on what other services are included in any one particular project, we may require an incremental payment at predetermined point, mid project.

The final balance of the quote will be expected within 30 days of completion of the project. In accordance with ‘The Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998’, any invoice not paid within 30 days of the invoice date will be considered ‘late’. DearJohnDesign will claim interest on overdue payments at 8% above the prevailing Bank of England base rate.

8. Extra Services

Print: We can act as a print handler for any project if required. This will involve liaising with printers to get quotes, agree timescales and finishes to artwork etc. This can be important if you are not used to dealing with printers and the specifics of print jobs, or if the overall production quality of the final print job is particularly important.

This requirement will need to be detailed in the initial brief, and we will charge a fee for print handling, which will be detailed in your quote. It is important to note that the cost of the printing will not be detailed in the original quote unless requested, and, depending on the job, we might not be able to accurately get the print job quoted until later in the project. Alternatively, if you do not wish us to act as your print handler we can suggest a print company that might best suit your needs.

Web Hosting: Although we do not offer a web hosting service, we can on request, handle organising web hosting and domain registration with third party companies. This will need to be requested in the brief, and will be charged at a flat fee as detailed in the brief.

Photography: If original photography work is needed for a specific project, the cost of this will clearly be detailed in your quote. Where photography is not requested, but we feel it is needed, this work will be detailed in the quote, but the work will not be commissioned without your sign-off.

Stock Imagery: Stock imagery will be used where specified or deemed appropriate, but proofs will be provided using free low-resolution files. We will not purchase any stock imagery without your permission.

Fonts: Where a typeface is required which is not standard, we will not purchase these typefaces without your prior permission.

9. Files

Your files will be archived unless otherwise requested. This means that any updates to artwork can be commissioned, with only the additional work charged for.

Please be aware, unless requested in the original brief, and agreed in the quote, you will not be provided with original artwork files in an editable format. If you do require these files a fee will be charged as detailed in the quote.

10. Copyright

All artwork will remain the copyright of DearJohnDesign, excluding photography, imagery or branding not supplied by DearJohnDesign.

If you wish to purchase the copyright for any work, this will be clearly detailed on the initial quote, and will vary depending on the size of the project.

On websites we reserve the right to use the tagline “website by: dearjohndesign” in the footer, without compromising the overall design. We also reserve the right to use all artwork to promote our self either in print or online.

11. Privacy

Information may be held about you for billing and payment, or for our promotional use. This information will not be made available to any third parties. Please contact us if you wish to have your details updated or removed from our database.

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